Construction Services: Our range of residential properties can accommodate almost every need, especially with the flexibility offered by the personal finishing customization option that suits the requirements and aspirations of every client.

Selling Services: We believe that offering the best-selling services for residential properties cannot be achieved without close cooperation and insistence on meeting the requirements and expectations of the buyer to realize efficient deals with loan support and facilities through banking and personal payment flexibilities.


Relationships and building trust: We build positive, long-term relationships with our customers and colleagues, based on continuous trust, respect, and collaboration. We make commitments responsibly and always keep our word!
Quality: All our buildings are stone covered with brick roofs to imply beauty and values to the outside matching the professional infrastructures at the inside.

Features: All buildings have outstanding views in prime locations with average sizes between 100 m2 and 250 m2+ with 1 or 2 parking.
Price: We have the most competitive prices corresponding to the high quality and finishing with an average of USD 1,500 to 1,800 per square meter.


Bejjani Group holds a bursting experience in the Construction industry for its diverse range of operations, and added values through the prospering success of all its completed projects, building an unchallenged credibility at 0 filed issue throughout its 33 years in the field.
Our company and our culture are built to value and promote safety, quality, ethics, and integrity in all our studies, executions and deliveries. This enables us to offer the best in the real-estate market whether in quality and finishing or in pricing.

We have been committed to brand development strategy and technology innovation, which has enabled us to successfully attract clients and gain a respectable reputation in the real estate business as we seek to realize the dreams of our clients through delivering the best integrated properties construction services at the most affordable prices.
Our aim is to always make sure our customers and clients find the peace of mind specifically at the place they are looking for!
“We are particularly confident of our constructions and take pride in what we do”